US Approves $95 Billion In Aid For Ukraine

Ordinary people will be the ones to pay for it

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The US House has just approved a massive aid package for Ukraine worth more than $61 Billion, with a further $34 Billion approved for Taiwan and Israel.

This has followed a 6 month long political impasse that saw Ukraine’s stocks of weapons and supplies slowly dwindle as the war against Russia waged onwards.

The package still needs to be approved by the US Senate, but its incredibly likely it will be passed on Tuesday, and so at this point the package is almost a sure thing.

To say this package is controversial barely touches the surface. More Republican’s voted against it than in favour of it, but those that did vote in favour are the only reason the package was finally passed.

Currently the Republican party is strongly split between those with more traditional views on US involvement and support for wars and conflicts against America’s traditional enemies.

But those led by Trump are firmly opposed to this aid, and US foreign policy focused around fighting in proxy wars with “real politik” at its heart.

The Ukraine War and the Presidential Election

With almost certainty, this means Ukraine is going to continue its fight, with renewed stocks directly from the US. Those hoping for an end to this war are unlikely to be happy with what we see going forwards.

It’s also impossible to not mention the upcoming Presidential election, with which Trump will use Biden’s massive support for Ukraine against him.

The vast majority of American’s are feeling poorer by the year, and sending $95 Billion abroad to support a war thousands of miles away is going to present Republicans with easy political points to be won.

The support for Israel in this bill will likely impact Biden’s support from the far left as well, as the ongoing conflict in Palestine is incredibly unpopular, especially amongst the younger generation which can usually be expected to vote Democrat every time.

And we may well see a similar effect with the aid dedicated to Taiwan. In a time when globalism is already taking a hit, these billions in funds will be used to help Taiwan bolster their defences against a potential Chinese invasion.

And invasion that many in America likely think the US has no place getting involved with.

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