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Blackstone has been in crisis for well over a year at this point, the housing market has been shaky, and they’re consumed by hundreds of billions of dollars of debt, right as interest rates started their sharpest rise in history.

This behemoth at the same time has been outed as one of the architects behind the housing crisis, buying up family homes, holding them for ransom and claiming we should be honoured to even rent from them.

This caused them to leave this industry behind, after being consumed by the most devastating PR disaster they could have imagined.

But it would appear as though things have not been getting any better, and the business is now well and truly panicking, throwing #### at the wall to see what sticks.

And what have they thrown over recently? Well, the worst advert I have ever seen in the history of Finance.

If it weren’t so bad, it wouldn’t be worth this email alone, but I well and truly can not in good faith go throughout the Christmas holidays without giving you a well deserved laugh.

And so with that being said, here’s a link to the worst advert in history.

(Hint, it gets even worse a few minutes in…)

On the plus side, the only thing that could drive a company like Blackstone to go scraping the barrel like this is an awful balance sheet and a borderline fraudulent business model that is teetering on the edge of a very public and catastrophic failure.

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