Moscow Terror Attack To Cause Inflation Shock

And it's not for the reason you think...

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133 killed in terror attack in Moscow

A Russian concert hall was attacked by 4 terrorist gunmen in Moscow, with fires, explosions and gunfire being reported.

The current death toll is sitting at 133, with more than 140 wounded. As a result that death toll is expected to rise.

4 suspected gunmen have been arrested, along with a further 11 individuals expected of being involved.

ISIS have claimed responsibility with a Telegram post, along with a photo posted of the 4 gunmen.

Ukraine have stated they were not involved in the attack, and the US has announced they have no reason to believe Ukraine is involved either.

But Russia is implying that the opposite is true.

No official Russian claim has been made stating that Ukraine was involved, but there are developments making it seem likely that Russia place official blame upon Ukraine in the coming days.

This is worsened by Ukraine’s continued attacks against Russian oil refinery and drilling plants hundreds of miles away from the Ukrainian border.

The US has actually being trying to stop Ukraine from attacking Russian oil production, giving multiple warnings to Ukraine asking them to stop, but the Ukrainians have continued these oil refinery attacks.

It’s likely the US wants these attacks to stop for 2 reasons. Reduced oil production from Russia impacts global markets and will force prices upwards.

This is disastrous for the Biden administration who are going to be fighting an election at a time where the economy is weak, people feel poorer, and inflation levels are still far too high.

Should there be further oil shocks, that will ripple across into the markets and affect prices in America itself.

Biden is also struggling with the unpopularity of the war, and escalations to the war, ignited by Ukrainian attacks on oil refineries would only make this problem even worse for them.

Russia approving blame upon Ukraine

Russian state-controlled TV broadcasted a an apparent interview showing a Ukrainian security official stating:

"It is fun in Moscow today. I think it's a lot of fun. I would like to believe that we will arrange such fun for them more often."

The video however, is spliced footage of two seperate interviews given a week ago, with an AI tool called “Veed” used to change the statements made.

Putin also claimed the 4 suspects in the terror attack, who were not Russian nationals, were fleeing towards Ukraine with a “window arranged” for their escape, though no evidence has been presented beyong Putin’s words.

There is a growing likelihood that Russia will use this attack to justify further action against Ukraine, if they can convince their populace that Ukraine was complicit in the attack.

Should this come to fruition, we could see the war expanded even further, with more Russian forces and perhaps worse escalations such as Belarus entering the war as well.

While there are still many questions left to answer, this is clearly bad news for the state of geo-politics today, likely inflation, and our economies as well.

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