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BlackRock and its true nature has been exposed. Everything we have previously said over on the Stoic Finance channel has been confirmed true in a new expose on BlackRock released by James O’Keefe and his team.

In a brand new video, we can see footage from a hidden camera, where an undercover reporter meets with Serge Varlay, who according to his now deleted LinkedIn profile works as a “Quant, Research, Data Science, & Software Engineering Recruiting agent at BlackRock” or in his words as a “gatekeeper” who gets to “decide people’s fates” at BlackRock, something he finds “so powerful.”

Bribery of Government Officials

So what did Serge Varlay reveal about the workings of BlackRock?

How about their approach to lobbying? Serge says:

“Campaign financing. Yup, you can buy your candidates. Obviously we have a system in place. First, there’s the senators. These guys are f**ing cheap. You got 10 grand? You can buy a senator.”

“It doesn’t matter who wins. They’re in my pocket at this point. I could give you $500k right now, no questions asked. Are you gonna do what needs to be done. Yeah, of course. Why not? Everyone does it”.

Unsurprising but truly disturbing.

Blackrock’s War Profiteering

When asked for his thoughts on the Ukraine-Russia War, he says:

“Ukraine is good for business. You know that, right? We don’t want the conflict to end.”

Fitting considering how much of their business is connected to not only the rebuilding of Ukraine, but also the destruction of it in the form of their shareholder stakes in the Military- Industrial complex and in trading commodities in which thrives on volatility.

Again, this just confirms how little BlackRock actually cares about the world, the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who have been killed in the fighting and the millions who have had to flee their homes for their lives. To them, who cares? It’s good for business.

And If you wanted anymore confirmation that watching your local network was a waste of time? Look no further than here for confirmation that News literally IS ALL doom and gloom. Serge confidently explains:

“News right? What does news feed on? They feed on tragedy they feed on fucked up events… so when it happens, its good business. More viewers….. It’s propaganda”.

Finally, after confirming so much of what we have been saying for month’s on Stoic Finance, Serge reveals some actually helpful investing advice for the public, although unintentionally. He thought he was impressing the girl he was on a date with. When he is asked by his date:

“Based on everything we know now, when they say to sell, does that mean we should buy?”

“You don’t f***king sell, yeah. Based on everything we know, when they say to sell, does that mean we should buy? “

“It’s like, you know Jim Cramer?”

“If you do exactly the opposite of what he’s advising, you actually make money. It’s called the inverse Cramer”.

The Blackrock Ship Is Sinking!

And as for ****why Larry Fink recently sold $100 million worth of BlackRock, Serge only said “Damn Larry, that’s not a good sign” before eluding to the fact that many of the elite are regulars at insider trading.

“The people who trade and make money do this at the moment the information is out. And that info is typically disseminated at private levels first before it hits the mainstream.” “Preemptively, if the stock price… if we think the stock is going to tank, we’re gonna fucking sell so that we sold high, it tanks, and we buy it back.”

Before releasing this footage,James O’Keefe sent BlackRock’s Managing Director Corporate Communications, Ed Sweeney, some of Serge’s sinister quotes giving them an opportunity to formally address the behaviour of their recruiting staff member.

Like a deer caught in headlights, he declined to Comment. That would only bring more attention to the expose, something they desperately wanted to avoid given Serge’s comments that BlackRock likes to remain hidden in the shadows because:

“It’s easier to do things when people aren’t thinking about it.”

But if you thought that BlackRock wouldn’t retaliate, you would be mistaken. Following the video, O Keefe Media’s Proton Mail address, an end-to-end encryption email service which O Keefe uses to receive anonymous hints and sources was hit with a denial of service attack in which it was simultaneously signed up for thousands of State, City and Federal government daily, monthly and weekly mailing lists in an attempt to block his team from accessing and viewing potential hints and leaks.

As James says:

“This is what happens when you go after BlackRock”.

Your story might gain some traction, but you will become a lone visible target when no other media platforms dares to stand against them.

Why hasn’t this been picked up by the legacy media? As Serge Varlay says regarding the news “it’s propaganda”. And who carries large influence over the media through its large stakes in all legacy media companies? Well BlackRock, of course.

Little pieces of all major media platforms are owned by BlackRock from Fox News (4.99%), CNN (4.85% ), ABC News ( 4.36%), META (5.8%), NBC news (4.26%) , CBS NEWS (6.21%), NBC Comcast (4.26%) and even, Google (6.23%) who have been censoring this story by removing it from the search results.

When you type in James O’Keefe, where it even suggesting stories from February over this breaking story which has been coincidently trending on Twitter at the same time. As Serge said to the undercover reporter:

“They don’t want to be in the news. They don’t want people to talk about them. They don’t want to be anywhere on the radar.”

And so with just a few rings, they have been able to stop this story spreading and maintain their presence working in the shadows.

It’s very likely that in the coming days, this story will entirely be swept under the rug and removed from all mainstream media sites such as Instagram and Twitter either through claims of “Misinformation” or Lawsuits.

BlackRock cannot take this down, nor can they take anything we say in future newsletter down, so share this with your friends and get them to sign up for future newsletters to hear more of the uncensored Truth.

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