BlackRock's ESG Scam Exposed

BlackRock is being sued by the US government regarding its ESG scam and they've been forced to announce that more than 600 ESG employees are being fired.

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BlackRock is public enemy number 1, the entire world went from completely oblivious to their existence, to a diehard opponent to them over the course of literally just a couple of years.

And for BlackRock, things only seem to be getting worse. The time bomb is ticking, BlackRock’s ESG scam has been well and truly exposed, and they know it as well.

Over the last couple of weeks, drastic developments have come to fruition, showing us just how late stage this party is and the age of ESG is now over.

How did we get here?

BlackRock realised that there was a tool they could use to seize control, and they called it ESG. Environmental, Societal and Governance. In theory this would be a ranking system to determine how moral a company is, and that would help investors decide if they wanted to invest into that company.

Maybe a factory pollutes the local river? Ordinary people who put money into stocks and shares for their retirement don’t like that, so in theory the ESG score of that factory would be reflected by that act, and investors could choose whether or not they want to stay away from that business.

But BlackRock is a business focused on ETFs, which means those who invest with BlackRock rarely buy anything individual, they buy shares in the entire ETF, and so individual ESG scores are entirely irrelevant to these BlackRock customers.

So what does BlackRock do to solve this issue? Well, they take a look at the ESG ratings themselves, and they then make a decision on behalf of their customers as to whether or not that business has a good enough rating to make it into that ETF.

BlackRock is the company that gives these investments their ESG ratings, and they’re the ones who decide whether or not those ESG ratings matter, and so a conflict emerged.

BlackRock is in the miraculous position of being able to determine whether or not any publicly traded company in America has access to around 50% of every single invested dollar in the economy.

Essentially BlackRock decides whether or not businesses can get investment, and they use this reality to further their control and influence over the economy, the country and even the world.

Because if a factory does happen to pollute the local river, that’s not necessarily a problem, because BlackRock can simply choose to turn a blind eye, providing a certain fat envelope is posted through the correct mailbox.

And of course it doesn’t have to be all based on something so real, because the “S” in ESG is literally just someones opinion. If a business chooses to ignore race entirely when hiring people, to take a look at the candidates entirely based on their merits, with no names or in person interaction to get in the way, BlackRock are the ones who get to choose whether thats a good thing, or a bad thing.

The Death Of ESG

And at first this scam grasped control of the investing world, but as we go into 2024, we’ve all seen how awful and corrupt this is, and the clock is now ticking.

BlackRock is now being sued by the State of Tennessee as of December the 18th, just a couple of weeks ago. The State is accusing BlackRock of misusing the ESG factors from its investment strategy in what basically amounts to fraud.

The State Attorney General is stating that essentially BlackRock has manipulated the ESG rankings and its use of them to make itself money, at the expense of their customers.

He actually said and I quote “For years, BlackRock has misled consumers about the scope and effects of its widespread ESG activity.”

And government officials in Texas, Floria and South Carolina have chosen to pull their assets off of BlackRock after the firm essentially tried to boycott fossil fuel companies altogether.

And this has all proven to become quite a serious problem for BlackRock, to the point where they turned around this week and decided to fire 600 of their ESG staff, which amounts to almost 3% of their entire staff around the world.

It’s no surprise that these staff have been axed, as ESG isn’t an asset for BlackRock anymore, its just a drain on their public relations, and it actively damages their business every single day.

And Larry Fink, the founder and CEO of BlackRock has announced that he won’t even say the letters ESG anymore because of how much negative press it drives for him.

And of course I know still, even after all the evidence we’ve seen, people will still claim that this is all just a conspiracy theory, and BlackRock would never want to force us to behave in a certain way, I have this very special video for you right here, from Larry Fink himself.

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