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Bill Gates & Communist China Team Up - Stoic Markets

Gates heads to China to befreind Xi, Putin makes headway with another Arab State, and a Global Recession looms...

Something is amiss in the world of big business today… Billionaires with morals or integrity! This won’t be a shock to many people reading today, but the Chinese Communist Party is one of the most evil and dystopian regimes to have ever existed…

And today, we’ll explore how and why Bill Gates has decided to throw his lot in with the communists. At the same time, Putin is set to meet with leaders of the United Arab Emirates, as his push to draw Arab nations towards his sphere of influence, and away from America’s gains further steam.

And finally, we’ll hear about economist’s fears of what is to come for the global economy, as Central Banks rate hiking cycles are starting to be felt, and a global depression looms above us.

Bill & Xi, Best Freinds On Tech?!

Bill Gates has just met with Xi Jinping during a trip to China, where they exchanged pleasantries, spoke in private, and took plenty of photos with eachother.

They both agreed to donate $50 million to fight against Malaria around the world, by donating it to a Chinese research facility…

We all know how well the Chinese studying Coronaviruses in Wuhan turned out for us all, so needless to say, while the mainstream media are heralding this as a win for the world, it is likely the complete opposite.

But the meeting wasn’t just limited to studying the most deadly disease in the world today (and totally not developing a super-weapon out of it either) as this trip was clearly an attempt by Gates to draw the US and China closer together.

It’s no secret that the US and China have seen their relations deteriorate over recent years, and de-globalisation has begun, which threatens to raise wages across the West (and damage global multinational corporations who abuse cheap labour from the East).

Gates clearly sees it as his moral duty to try and improve relations, and make it easier for American politicians to offer an olive branch over, and Xi is clearly just as happy to have one of the richest men in the world grovel at his feet, and serve his political aims.

“I’ve always said that the foundation of China-US ties lies among the people, we always pin our hopes on American people and hope the two peoples can continue to be friendly.”

Xi is hoping to end the US’s trade war against them, which has already decimated their chip industry, but anti-China sentiment is now a bi-partisan viewpoint in the US, with most Republicans and Democrats realising just how dangeorus China has become, and how blind they had been over the last 3 decades.

Bill Gates is not the only billionaire trying to imrpove relations to enrich themselves, Ray Dalio has also been infamous in his attempts to draw the two giants together, and we can rest assured knowing this will not be the last Billionaire to throw their lot in with a literal genocidal regime.

Putin Makes Headway For The United Arab Emirates

As China’s leaders tries to placate the west, fearful of furthr attacks to their industry, Russia’s leader goes on the offensive, and continues his attempts to pry away American allies, and draw them into his sphere of influence.

We have heard repeatedly about Russian and Saudi Arabian relations and their deepening ties over recent years, and Putin is now taking aim at the UAE, home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are single handedly proving to become the most ambitious business hubs of the 21st century.

Putin is scheduled to hold talks with the leader of the UAE tomorrow as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. They had previously met and spoken at length in Russia during October 2022 where the topic on the table was the War in Ukraine, and how the UAE may have been able to help drive peace.

This year, the talks are more likely to be focused on economic cooperation, with Ukraine being the “elephant in the room” that none besides Putin himself dare mention.

Nonetheless, the fact that the UAE’s leader is attending this event is a blow to the West, as they have tried repeatedly to get the UAE and other Gulf Oil States to shun Russia in response to their invasion, but to no avail whatsoever.

Regardless of your thoughts regarding the Biden Presidency and their domestic politics, their international “realpolitik” has been incredibly weak, and has repeatedly failed in their attempts to project power and retain their influence overseas.

Global Recession Threatens Inflation Fight Everywhere

As if a second Cold-War and de-globalisation weren’t enough to damage investments all over, economists are now sounding the alarm bell about an impending global depression, and how it appears set to ensure central banks fail in their duties to fight inflation.

This will be of no surprise to those who have paid attention to Stoic Finance over recent months, as the Fed is on the brink of a pivot already, despite the fact that inflation is still the biggest problem facing 90% of all Americans.

We receive new inflation data just a few days ago from the US, and it was exactly as we expected. Headline figures were down, which the media used to claim Biden was doing a wonderful job, while Core-CPI the actually important figure remained skyhigh at an annualised rate of 5.2% well above acceptable and sustainable levels.

Of course this is being ignored by every “economist” and “journalist” with an agenda, but the truth is that inflation is still a major threat to every major economy, and that isn’t going to change overnight.

German & American yield curves have inverted past 60 Basis Points. This indicator for a recession has not been wrong when it is this severe in financial markets history, and this is seen acros multiple countries, not just America.

Most mainstream media is positing the coming recession as the threat here, but the real threat is inflation that continues through a recession, and develops into 1970s and 80s style “stagflation” whereby inflation swings out of control, even as a recession commences.

When stagflation was last seen, it took over 15 years to subside, and resulted in the toughest Economic conditions since the Great Depression.

Needless to say, this ought to be the most important thing on our radars, and the mainstream media is once again no where to be seen.

How To Protect Our Investments?

As always, the best way to protect our investments is to remain educated, and knowledgable on what is actually coming.

The last time stagflation came, hard assets like Gold & Real Estate performed well, while cash deposits were devastated.

To ensure we’re able to adequately perform as well as possible through the coming crisis, we need to be as knowledgable as possible, and that is where this weeks newsletter of the week comes in handy.

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